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Our campsite in Lacona

The Laconella campsite is on the Island of Elba, in the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago. It covers an area of 20,000 square metres over the promontory of Punta Contessa, between the beautiful, sandy beaches of Lacona and Laconella. Surrounded by a wonderful natural environment, it offers the tourist peace and quiet, friendliness, a crystal clear sea and direct access to the beach.

It is run personally by the owners and this ensures high quality service that has been maintained for 25 years, so much so that over the years most holiday makers have booked to come back.

The characteristics of any campsite depend on its geographic position and how it is run. Thanks to both, we offer the ideal camping holiday for those who love nature, the sea, the sun (if desired), peace and quiet, cleanliness (facilities, paths and plots), friendliness and comfort (including direct access to the beaches and inland paths, as well as a range of other facilities inside and nearby the site).

The view from the campsite
The campsite offers particularly beautiful views both of the sea and the inland:
- To the east the peninsula of Capo di Stella, the beach of Lacona whose spectacular sunrises which greet early morning campers;
- To the south the beach of Laconella, Punta Contessa, the open sea and, on a clear days, you can even see the Island of Montecristo;
- To the west Capo Fonza, with its characteristic vegetation of evergreen Mediterranean scrub, especially impressive in the Spring, when the scrub is in full bloom.
- To the north the inland of Elba, with its multicoloured paths and the varying shades of green of its splendid nature.

In addition, on either side of the campsite there are several small and charming inlets, where it is possible to find a quiet place to read or simple enjoy the sea.

In order to fully appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature, and to ensure absolute peace and quiet there is no organised entertainment on the campsite.

Holiday season dates and reservations
The campsite is open from Easter to the end of October. Reservations are accepted for the whole season from January onwards.

Laconella Campsite, Island of Elba
Laconella Campsite, Island of Elba
Laconella Campsite, Island of Elba
Laconella Campsite, Island of Elba
Laconella Campsite, Island of Elba
Laconella Campsite, Island of Elba