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Lacona and its beaches

Lacona is on the southern side of the Island of Elba and can be reached easily from Portoferraio, the main port that connects the island with the mainland.
Its central position makes it an ideal base from where you can visit the whole of the island. The territory consists of of a plain surrounded by mountains (150-377 m) and one of the largest gulfs in Elba.


The main beach of Lacona is the 'big beach' (more commonly known as 'Lacona beach'), which covers almost the entire gulf of Lacona. Then there are the beaches of Laconella, Margidore and Ghiaieto. All these beaches can be reached by land. In addition, on the two promontories which mark the boundaries of the gulf, there are innumerable little bays and small beaches, which can be reached by footpaths or, in some cases, only by sea.


Laconella Beach
A truly beautiful and peaceful little sandy beach, offering 250 metres of total freedom where nature is still untouched. Ideal for those who seek peace surrounded by nature. To the left of the beach is the small promontory of Punta Contessa, with its charming inlets, little bays and tiny deserted beaches; to the right is the majestic promontory of Capo Fonza, where the dense vegetation, with its varying shades of green, stands out and, depending on the season, has patches of yellow (broom) and red (arbutus).

Lacona Beach (big beach)
More than a kilometre of fine sandy beach sloping gently down into the sea. The rear part of the beach boasts the only remaining sand-dunes of Elba, where the strongly-scented white flowers of the Sea Pancreas still bloom. Behind these are small pine-woods with cultivated and cluster pines.
Large sections of the beach are empty, while others are equipped with facilities for bathers, where you can hire umbrellas, sun-beds, windsurfs, sailing boats and motor boats, and other beach and water-sports equipment. At the farthest left point of the beach (without causing the slightest disturbance to bathers) there is a floating berth with a watchman.

Right next to the beach there are bars, pizzerias, restaurants, news-stands and shops that sell food and other goods. Lacona offers both the comfort of a fully-equipped beach and the beauty of a natural environment opening onto a turquoise gulf, with two unspoiled promontories on either side which give the idea of freedom.

Punta Contessa Beach
A small, black pebble beach with rocks on either side that separate it from Laconella beach on one side and from Lacona beach on the other.
It is very quiet even during peak season, and thanks to its crystal clear sea and beautiful sea bed it is the perfect beach to go snorkelling.


Margidore Beach
The beach of Margidore is about 1 km from the campsite; on the left of the beach you can see the Calamita peninsula and on the right Capo Stella. The left part of the beach consists of stones made silky-smooth by sea erosion, and on the right side there is a mooring area for small boats, with the possibility of anchoring.
The 400 mt-long beach is indeed very quiet, thanks partly to the fact that the only road leading there is in the centre of the gulf, to the left.

Ghiaieto Beach
A small, pebbled beach, which lies right next to the beach of Laconella. It is about 300 mt from the campsite and is easily reached by a footpath leading from a dirt road down to the sea - a ten minute walk from the campsite.